We Are Stronger Together

Day 05/100 of my 100 Days of Positivity Challenge Day 05/100 of my #100daysofpositivity challenge!I tried something a little different today. Over the past year I had been working on my Graduate Thesis at Pratt Institute. I was designing a Community Retreat/Home, for us Survivors. The main idea behind my project was to build aContinue reading “We Are Stronger Together”

Dance to the Rhythm of Your Soul :-)

Day 04/100 of my 100 Days of Positivity Challenge Today is Day 04/100 🙂 After having a breakdown yesterday I decided to make this piece for my BPD diagnosis. For anyone who doesn’t know, BPD stands for Borderline Personality Disorder. I have been misdiagnosed in the past and been prescribed the wrong medications which hadn’tContinue reading “Dance to the Rhythm of Your Soul :-)”

My 100 day challenge: 100 days of Positivity!

So, I just started the 100 day challenge with a couple of my friends! I decided to do 100 days of positivity. I am trying to incorporate creativity and positivity into my everyday life. Art is something I have found to be very therapeutic. What I love about art is that there is beauty inContinue reading “My 100 day challenge: 100 days of Positivity!”