The Safe Space Project

Visualizing and curating futuristic safe spaces


✨ The Safe Space Project ✨

I took up this initiative a little over a year ago. The initial idea started off during my thesis year at #prattinstitute , during which I designed a retreat and safe space for the adult women survivors of child sexual abuse. Being extremely passionate about the project, I went deeper into reimagining safe spaces for the future. I decided to launch #TheSafeSpaceProject and broaden the idea to all #survivors and the #lgbtq community. Proudly being a part of both, I want to share my vision with the big ass family I have out there. This project is about visualizing and curating futuristic safe spaces that I will one day bring to life.

After struggling and feeling lost for a long time myself, I realized how important it is for me to do this because I never went in to group therapy or any such support group because of the sterile environment that is usually associate with these spaces. It made me feel scared and a little intimidated I think.

I then started this blog, that I am honestly very proud of but also found extremely mentally taxing. I realized how hard it was on my emotional well-being to talk about my past and abuse because I had to relive it over and over again. I then remembered the initial purpose of why I started designing in the first place.

I am not a therapist or a mental health specialist. I am only good at what I do, #designing and #creating so I figured I should go back to doing what I love most.

I absolutely cannot wait to share and start this project. Trying to help build our communities to the best of my abilities by contributing all that I can.

Lots of love 💕 p.u

Published by Priyanka Unadkat

A survivor of Child Sexual Abuse, sharing my warmth and light with whoever needs it!

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