We Are Stronger Together

Day 05/100 of my 100 Days of Positivity Challenge

Piece exploring textures, touch and tactility of emotions

Day 05/100 of my #100daysofpositivity challenge!
I tried something a little different today. Over the past year I had been working on my Graduate Thesis at Pratt Institute. I was designing a Community Retreat/Home, for us Survivors. The main idea behind my project was to build a space personalized to help us cope with what and how we feel, amongst fellow survivors who truly understand what it’s like. One of my main topics for exploration in my thesis was what touch means to us as Survivors and how design can be incorporated in order to make the entire space a place for healing through various community activities. I curated a set of materials to be used in the space in order to give it a softer feel. The piece I made today explores tactility and touch and how it resonates with how we feel. This personally ties down to how I used to feel in the past with a million mixed emotions, and how I somehow managed to have a tiny ray of hope that has finally helped me declutter some of those mixed emotions. I chose these particular colors because after all the research I conducted for my thesis I found how shades of blue and green are the most calming colors. I hope to have such a space built for us one day! The second image in this post is one of the spaces I designed in the house called “Survivor’s Retreat” 🦋 it’s hard to explain and share all my ideas in this one post so I will be spreading them out over a course of time and I would love for all you Survivors out there to let me know what you think so that I can plan for our future space and world domination!!! Because without you’ll, I would never be able to call this space, Home💛 We are stronger together. Always remember that because there is always hope🤍

Published by Priyanka Unadkat

A survivor of Child Sexual Abuse, sharing my warmth and light with whoever needs it!

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