Spread Love, Not Hate!

Day 02/100 of my 100 day challenge to spread positivity

I’ve had a pretty rough past with plenty of incidents that I think made me a really bitter person for a while.

I wasn’t always like that. I was loyal and honorable and I used to stick up for things I believed in but all the hurt and pain just made me angry at the world. I always felt like an outsider where I grew up. And I think because of all the bitterness I had, I ended up hurting a lot of people too. It was something uncontrollable for me and I had absolutely no idea why at the time. I started to feel even worse about my myself.

This year has taught me so much. One of the biggest reasons for making this piece is because of all the terrible things happening around the world like the terrible acts of racism and all the hate floating around in our atmosphere. It makes me so sad and has made me reflect so much on life and my own actions in the past. WE NEED TO DO BETTER. BE BETTER.

Healing takes a long time, it is a continuous process. While making this piece today, I thought about all the times I hurt people, instead of all the times I was hurt. One of my all time favorite quotes that has helped me come out of my darkest place is by Martin Luther King, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I repeat this to myself daily because I think I finally understand the importance of spreading love in this world.

I am not healed, but I am healing. It’s a battle every single day. But I strongly believe in the strength of kindness and have understood that we cannot change the acts of other people, but we can certainly change how we act towards others. And one day, hopefully, we will make this world a better place to live in. But if we don’t do our bit and do what’s right, time will come to a standstill.

I know it really hurts to be hurt, but don’t let the acts of others change who you are. Keep moving forward and hold your head up high because things will get better! Keeping hate in your heart will make you suffer more than anything. There are plenty of resources, support groups and people out there who care about you. Never give up and never lose hope.

Even if it seems scary, reach out for help and we will go from there, together.

Here’s to spreading lots and lots of love! p.u.

Published by Priyanka Unadkat

A survivor of Child Sexual Abuse, sharing my warmth and light with whoever needs it!

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